Thursday, May 14, 2009

No 1 Left Standing--Repping The Mile High F@#king City

When Denver Hip Hop/Rock favorites No 1 Left Standing found out they were going to open up for Sevendust, naturally, they talked about what it’s going to be like to "hang with Sevendust", play in front of 700 people and party in The Gothic green rooms with one of their heroes. This was undeniably going to be a night to add to their rock star resume.


When show day came they arrived at The Gothic for sound check and were immediately taken to their green room--a small section of the back parking lot. The "concrete green room" came complete with the back of someone's car as a dressing room, a cooler full of beer and a great view of Sevendust's tour bus. Welcome to the glamorous life of being a local band.


The perks might not be the same when you're the "local guys" but when you step onto a stage in front of hundreds of people (on a Monday none the less) in your home town, who start singing along to your songs and screaming your name, the amenities in your green room suddenly don't seem that important. Just ask No 1 Left what it was like to be encored before Sevendust--I'm sure they won't be bitching about not even being able to meet the band they were opening for. And let’s be honest—anyone who was at the show won’t deny that N1LS killed. Better than Sevendust?? A lot of people thought so—and not just friends and close fans of the band. People who were there to see Sevendust walked away from the show talking about N1LS. Their live show is unrivaled in the local scene; and I know I’ve said that before about other bands, but after watching this band grow over the past few months I can make that statement with complete confidence. This band is the real deal and with Jimmy “Inks” Belarde leading the way they have the opportunity to put The Mile High “mother fucking” city on the map in the national Rock scene.


We love The Fray, 3Oh!3 and The Flobots but it’s time for someone to represent Denver on the hard Rock circuit—N1LS might be the guys to do it. With the help of industry heavy weights and local music enthusiasts like KBPI's Willie B., N1LS have a chance to make major waves in 2009.


It is impossible to express in words what the atmosphere inside The Gothic was like during N1LS' set before Sevendust. There was much more than a sense of excitement and energy on the floor--you get that at any concert. This time there was a sense of pride and emotion coming from the fans; the people who have watched these four guys play for years at dive bars on Broadway, opening slots on crappy metal shows and struggle to make enough money to pay the rent on their practice studio.


When people think about the music industry it’s all about the concerts, the parties they read about in magazines or the “glamourous” life of touring and being a rock star. But it’s the years of blood, sweat and tears leading up to those moments that really matter.


That’s the REAL music scene. 

No 1 Left Standing w/Sevendust @ The Gothic

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